Back Pain

The vast majority of Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. According to research, back pain accounts for the second most number of medical visits in the United States.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from back problems opt for pain killing medication(s), which only mask the pain and can lead to addiction or other medical comorbidities after long-term use.  Dr. Joshua Paredes is an expert on back pain and is capable of relieving or eliminating it without the use of medications or surgery.

What causes back pain?

There are several reasons why people suffer from lower, middle or upper back pain during adulthood or even at a young age.  Not all back pain can be eliminated, but 95% of people do find relief from pain in their backs with proper medical treatment.

  • Poor physical conditioning.  People who do not exercise properly are prone to experience back problems.  Proper physical conditioning and chiropractic care by Dr. Joshua can help you alleviate or eliminate your pain.
  • Obesity.  People who are overweight experience back pain because the extra weight creates a strain on already weakened muscles and ligaments in the lower back.  Proper dieting and spine alignment by Dr. Joshua can get you back on the right track to health.
  • Poor posture.  Most people pay little heed to how they sit, stand or lie down.  Over a period of time poor posture can lead to back pain.  Dr. Joshua can help you with maintaining a proper posture, including suggesting an exercise regimen right for you for the purpose of increasing your core postural muscles.  He can also help you with adopting proper postures during your activities of daily living thus alleviating your pain and reducing your overall risk of further pain and/or injury.
  • Injuries.  Motor vehicle accidents and sports injuries result in a considerable number of back problems.  Many of these injuries do not require a need for surgery or pain killers.  Manipulation of your spine for proper musculoskeletal alignment by Dr. Joshua can relieve or eliminate your back problems.

What does a chiropractor do for patients with back pain?

First time patients of Dr. Joshua undergo a physical examination and have their medical history taken to diagnose the cause of your back pain.  Once a cause has been determined, Dr. Joshua develops a treatment plan especially for you to relieve you of your back pain.

What are the treatments for back pain?

Dr. Joshua is an expert at delivering pain relief.  He takes pride in helping you live a healthier more fulfilling life by:

  • Using massage therapy for the purpose of relieving stress/anxiety, relaxing musculoskeletal strains, enhancing circulation for proper healing, as well as reducing the overall irritation and soreness in your muscle groups, tendons and ligaments.
  • Spinal adjustments.  Dr. Joshua will adjust your spine for the purpose of realigning vertebrae into their correct anatomical position.
  • Planning an exercise regimen tailored to your specific needs to strengthen your core muscle groups.

Dr. Joshua can help you with your back pain and get you on the right road to a pain free life.  Simply call (714) 555-5555 for an appointment or click here to make your appointment online now.