Posture Correction

Many people are unaware of the fact that they require posture correction because their poor body posture has resulted in pain to various parts of their human anatomy over a period of time.  Posture correction by a professional chiropractor is capable of resolving poor posture and increasing poor blood circulation.  It is important to maintain excellent blood circulation for the prevention of other comorbid medical conditions such as healing from any specific illness, injury or condition.  In addition, when a person slumps, slouches or sits at a computer with poor posture the result is misalignment of the vertebrae among other things.  Poor posture can also result in fatigue.  It is well known that approximately 80% of all people who suffer from chronic pain do so because of poor posture.  Thankfully, professional chiropractic care has an effective treatment called posture correction that is able to correct poor posture.

What are the causes of poor posture?

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain syndrome.  Again, chronic pain is associated with poor posture and posture correction is the answer.  Poor posture typically results from:

  • A lack of exercise. People are busy in contemporary society and after a long day at work are not considering exercise as a stress reliever.  However, a lack of an exercise regimen causes bones to become weak, muscles to lose mass and atrophy, as well as lead to an increase in weight gain.
  • Inactive people tend to have poor posture.  An increase of weight places strain on weakened muscles, joints and ligaments, which leads to postural related pain.  The person who is suffering thus has a tendency to decrease movement which results in further muscle weakness and weight gain which leads to chronic pain.  Posture correction with an exercise regimen and other chiropractic treatment modalities can reduce the stress and strain caused by obesity.
  • Long term forward head posture. This postural position occurs when one’s neck slopes forward placing the head in front of one’s shoulders.  This is a very common cause of poor posture and can be remedied, alleviated and otherwise resolved with posture correction.

What does a chiropractor do for patients with chronic pain related to poor posture?

First time patients of your chiropractor undergo a physical examination and have their medical history taken to diagnose the cause of their pain.  X-rays may be taken as well.  Once a cause has been determined, your chiropractor develops a treatment plan especially for you to relieve you of your associated pain due to poor posture.   This is called posture correction.

What are the treatments for back pain?

Posture correction is approached with heat, deep tissue massages, electrical stimulation, passive stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as supportive measures to provide chiropractic treatment for one’s ligaments, bones and nerves.  Posture correction is not a one and done treatment modality.  If you have had poor posture for a considerable period of time it is going to take some time before your chiropractor can get your proper alignment back to square one so to speak.  With excellent chiropractic care and compliance with your personalized treatment plan, your poor posture with associated chronic pain can become a memory of the past best forgotten.

Your chiropractor can help you with your postural related pain and get you on the right road to a pain free life.  Simply call (949) 784-4507 for an appointment or click here to make your appointment online now.