At one time or another, most people are affected with tight shoulders.  At the Irvine Pain and Posture Clinic, your professionally trained chiropractor is well versed in treating tight shoulders.  This ailment is usually a secondary condition resulting from the structural shift in a person’s spine.


Proper posture consists of the head at a position directly over the shoulders.  If and when a structural shift occurs, a person’s head has the tendency to move forward.  This is known as Anterior Head Syndrome or AHS.  A mature head on an adult weighs approximately 12-15 pounds.  When the head moves forward there is increased stress on a person’s neck muscles and discs.  AHS is an acquired, primary structural spinal condition.  Unfortunately, AHS is on the rise in the United States because of life style choices, working conditions and trauma.

What causes tight shoulders?

Several factors may result in tight shoulders.  The primary cause of tight shoulders is sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.  This causes the head to move forward and create stress on the neck muscles.  For every inch you head moves forward, an additional 10 pounds of weight is gained and your neck muscles must endure the stress.  Another significant cause is the result from a lot of texting or constantly looking down at electronic gadgets.  The next time you text or are playing/working on one of your electronic devices, be mindful of your head position.  It will more than likely be in a forward position, once again causing extra stress on your neck muscles.  Yet another cause of tight shoulders is trauma as in the case of a whiplash injury.   If tight shoulders are left untreated, degeneration of the spine occurs leading to more pain and discomfort.

Can I correct the problem myself?

Yes and no.  Tight shoulders and/or AHS do not occur overnight unless as a result of trauma.  With proper head posture over time you may correct your problem, however, it is best to let your professional chiropractor at the Irvine Pain and Posture Clinic evaluate and treat you for a speedier recovery.

What is the treatment for tight shoulders?

  • Correcting posture. Retraining a person’s paraspinal, deep spinal, lower trapezius and serratus anterior muscles are crucial to regaining proper posture.  This is not accomplished overnight.
  • A subluxation is probably best described as a joint that has become stuck.  Many people more commonly refer to a subluxation as a misaligned bone though it is not as accurate of an explanation.
  • Muscle imbalances. Briefly, tight muscles require relaxation whereas weak muscles require strengthening.

At the Irvine Pain and Posture Correction Clinic, we understand your need to be free of the pain and discomfort from tight shoulders or AHS.  Our treatments are safe, effective, non-invasive, and are natural.  If you are experiencing discomfort and pain in your shoulders, or what you suspect as AHS, call us for an initial consultation with a chiropractor at the Irvine Pain and Posture Clinic at (949) 784-4507.  We will be happy to schedule you with an appointment.